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The Practice

Morian Law is a boutique law practice that provides strategic legal advice and outside counsel services to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Morian Law counsels clients on complex, high-value, and sensitive matters, helping them successfully navigate through conflicts and controversies through a full array of civil litigation and dispute resolution services, including defensive and affirmative litigation; response to regulatory inquiries, government investigations, and enforcement actions by the New York Attorney General and other federal and state authorities; internal and independent investigations; and crisis response and communication.

Morian Law also helps clients become more resilient and create greater value by understanding and managing legal, regulatory, and business risks through rigorous assessment, informed strategic thinking, better corporate governance and management decision-making, effective internal controls and corruption prevention measures, improved regulatory compliance, protection of critical business assets, and intelligent planning.

Armen Morian

The man behind Morian Law is Armen Morian, an accomplished lawyer with nearly two decades of experience on consequential matters at the intersection of law, business, policy, public communication, and risk, including thirteen years in the Office of the New York Attorney General investigating and litigating high profile cases of securities and financial fraud against some of the biggest names on Wall Street.


Morian Law’s practice harks back to the days before the billable hour, when lawyers were trusted counselors.

Areas of Concentration

Clients seek out Morian Law to craft bespoke legal solutions for their problems, be they complex or commonplace. Morian Law provides creative, resourceful, high-impact, and pragmatic problem-solving across a range of needs, whether the problem at hand requires responding to a government investigation, vindictive lawsuit, or franchise-threatening corporate calamity or entails designing and implementing enterprise-scale internal controls or involves a discrete issue such as the drafting of a single clause in a key business instrument.

When Conflict Visits or Cannot Be Avoided . . .

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Government Investigations and Special Matters

In Tranquil Times . . .

  • Legal, Regulatory and Business Risk Management
  • Outside Counsel Services

In All Seasons . . .

  • Strategic and Crisis Communication

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